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In addition to being a professional sportscaster and supporting numerous charities, JB is a founding partner of the Washington Nationals and co-founder of the Brown Technology Group.

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JTB Communications

Welcome to JTB Communications, Inc. We are a team of professionals dedicated to helping companies and organizations achieve their goals through a range of effective marketing options focusing on the unparalleled visibility and unmatched professionalism of James Brown (JB), one of America’s most well-loved TV sports personalities. On this website, you’ll find detailed information about JB’s career, accomplishments and passions – both onscreen and off. With his unique blend of credibility, commitment and widespread recognition, JB can offer inspiration to your employees, effective endorsements for your products and services, and branding support for your company. He is also a sought-after host and spokesperson – and is available to lend his experience and expertise to a range of television and radio productions.


Brown Technology Group

Brown Technology Group LLC is a certified minority owned and operated Information Technology company founded in 2007. Our expertise in ERP applications implementation, database management and optimization, data migration, enterprise learning services, and information security offers our clients the ability to both better utilize and protect their information and resources. At Brown Technology Group we are changing the way information works for you. Our mission is to aid organizations with better planning, management, and execution of complex IT initiatives. Our goal is to help reduce cost while simultaneously giving our clients the ability to derive more value from information through expanding their IT functionality.


FullCircle Intermedia

FullCircle is a full-service digital media agency that specializes in helping professional athletes and entertainers to establish, develop and commercialize enduring online brands for themselves. Too often these individuals are defined solely by the media based on their most recent performances. The fan public represents a huge source of demand for information about their favorite players and celebrities, but there are few ways to learn more about who they really are”off the field” (or stage). To address this unmet need, we’re developing a proprietary Internet-based platform through which they can effectively establish and deliver their total message, build support for causes and charitable foundations they’re involved with, and generate income directly from online media advertising, e-commerce, and the sale/license of original, documentary-quality film content. We work closely with our clients, their agents and advisors, to help them take total control of their online brand in a way that will sustain their professional viability right now, and also into the next phases of their careers and lives.


Washington Nationals

Major League Baseball Team, Founding Partner



James Brown is the AARP Community Ambassador and is pairing up with AARP to educate Americans on the importance of community service and to encourage them to make a difference by living life to the fullest. Read more about JB’s mission at: