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quoteWhatever brought you to visit this site today, I’m grateful that you did, and for the time and attention you will give to the information provided here. In some ways, I’m not sure that my story is any different from that of the typical twenty-first century American out there — a tale of searching through life to find who I was, who I was created to be, and what I was meant to do. It’s a journey of perseverance to overcome obstacles and make it to the end of valleys that far too often we find in front of us. I suspect your journey has been a lot like mine.

At the same time, I recognize that I’ve also lived a real-life fairy tale of finding myself in the loving embrace of a woman, a family, and a Savior who loves me for who I am, flaws and all. I have been blessed beyond measure with experiences and opportunities that are far beyond what I had envisioned or have merited, and I’ve tried to stop long enough to savor those at every twist and turn along the way.

All generations are searching for answers and looking for them in the lives of high-profile examples – whom society lifts as role models – but who too often live by relative values and are themselves looking for guidance. You and I live in a world that all too often operates under the overriding template of self-promotion, embracing a “Hooray for me” attitude, and which measures success in increasingly small snapshots in time. From a lifetime of experiences – both good and not so good – I’ve learned that a life of real significance will not be found by following that path.

Instead, my goal has been to do the right thing the right way, all of the time, and through that to make the most of my role – whatever it may be. We may not all be called to be the leader in our journey – instead, many of us are called to play a different role. And if we pause to consider it, we realize we all have roles that are unique to us and shaped by our gifts and abilities. All sorts of meaningful life-changing roles. Son. Daughter. Wife. Husband. Father. Mother. Friend. Co-worker. Coach. Employer. Teacher. Roles that make the world a better place and that impact lives for good.

My hope and prayer is that my experiences and my story will help you to see a bit of what I’ve seen through my journey, that it will bless you in some way, and that you’ll find something to take from it – some encouragement, some measure of wisdom, or a dose of inspiration for successful and more significant living.